Tantra Massage

is a delightful ritual that expands your ability to experience pleasure to a completely different level.  It combines sensual massage of the whole body with mindfulness techniques and breath work. Sexuality is the strongest driver we have. Using the lingam massage tantra activates your kundalini energy to bring you endless benefits.

Tantra massage can help you:

-learn how to experience full-body orgasm

-gain control over premature ejaculation

-treat erectile distinction

-overcome feeling of shame and trauma related to sexuality

-increase well-being and joy

-become a better lover by controlling your arousal and understanding how to bring pleasure to your partner

Every session is unique and individual experience, crafted especially to fit your needs.

Are you looking for relaxation? My massage can be sensual, gentle and playful.

Or maybe what you need is emotional support, undivided attention. To feel the human warmth, compassionate embrace and healing touch of a skilled therapist.

There also might be times you want to experiment with BDSM elements. In my Bondassage sessions I combine tantric massage with Japanese bondage and light impact play, creating a safe-space for you to experience the bliss of subspace.


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