Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an escort service?

No. The services and treatments offered here are not escort services. It is important for clients to understand the difference and respect the boundaries set during the session.

Does the massage include “happy endings”?

No. Ejaculation is not the goal of a tantra massage. While this can occur during the session, it is not to be expected as the primary focus nor the default outcome.

Do you also provide massage for women?

Of course. Women, men and everyone in between or beyond can benefit from tantric massage practices.

How do I prepare for the session?

No formal preparation is needed. Arrive a few minutes early to make sure that the session is not rushed and allow for time to ease into the experience.

Is alcohol permitted?

No. While alcohol may help some people relax, no alcohol/drugs of any kind are permitted during the session. If a client arrives under the influence they will be asked to leave immediately.

Are there showers available?

Yes. Each treatment begins with a shower as part of the session preparation and are available to clients after finishing.

Is there mutual touching?

No. While tantra massage can be an intimate experience, there is strictly no mutual touching between client and therapist. It is important that clients respect all boundaries set and explained before each session. Any client who violates these will be asked to leave immediately.

Do you do out-calls?

No. Unfortunately no out-calls are available. Please check the “Contact and Booking” section of this website to see where sessions can be accommodated.

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