Clients’ experiences

“I had been for a number of tantric massages and they were all wonderful experiences. However my experience with  Rea far surpassed all the other massages.

Rea is a very pure soul with a totally open heart that sends out pure love. That and her infectious smile meant that for me I felt totally at ease and comfortable in her presence. Her openness allowed me talk about an issue from my past that had always made it difficult to be truly intimate and trusting of a woman. She just smiled gently and said she understood. After a shower I was brought on a very deep journey which is difficult to describe in words, yet I will try. I was massaged, held, caressed in such a pure loving way that I can only call sacred.
She is a true healer and an angel.she unblocked something in me and a very different energy began to flow through my entire body.It was like a woman made love to me yet nothing sexual happened.

If you are expecting a sexual experience then you need to go somewhere else as you would disrespect the purity of this lady. Yes it was sensual and erotic also but in a very sacred divine way.
I will be forever grateful for my 2 hours with her and what she healed deep within me.
I will most definitely see you again. You are such a very special person who gives out pure love, tenderness and care. Be well until the next time we meet.”

“Very very unique unexpected and Truly Amazing.
Spent and amazing 90 minutes with Rea, who made me very comfortable by telling me about what I might experience from Tantra and instructed me on how to get the most out of it.
Wow what an experience, out of mind out of body, totally de-stressing and re-energising. Words don’t do the experience justice but let me say if you want feel like you are walking on a cloud for 24 hours try this out.  Rea many many thanks XXX”

“It’s hard to descibe this. I tried to think about why and I think it was because the moment took over; there was no thinking, hoping, do this, do that; it was perfect. A perfect moment that stretched out and was infinite but was then gone in a second. Even the rain and cold outside couldn’t dim the warm after glow.”

” I won’t go into detail as it will be different for everyone. But I can tell you it expanded my horizon regarding intimacy and sexuality. It was an incredible sensual experience, the room was filled with a nice candle scent and music fitting to Tantra was playing in the background. I did the full experience eyes closed and my conscious took me on a pleasureful travel through places I’ve visited in the past and places I’ve never seen before, guided by the music and the feeling of her hands and body on my skin. After it ended I felt so relaxed and still half in trance, realizing it, she smiled kindly and told me that I can rest a little while she quickly takes a shower. This was a token of trust and respect I would have never imagined to get by a stranger. And damn did I enjoyed laying on that bed ^^ You’ll not for a second feel like a customer who gets processed, but you’ll feel as part of an experience. If you’re unsure if you want to visit her or not, give her a call, explain what you need or what your background is and she’ll be able to help you in making the right call. Please do not go there if you want to get a handjob or anything straight forward like that, this is truly a tantric massage, tingling your senses and making you feel like you might not have felt before. But it is not and will not be sex. (And that makes it even better in my opinion!) The first “review” was a text from me to a friend. Stating: Oh my god. It’s like I feel my soul for the first time! Like energy flowing through my body! Oh and for the people interested in her looks. It’s exactly as in the picture, there’s no stranger opening you the door. And her smile alone is worth the visit.”

“Three hours ago I experienced the greatest sensual bliss of my life. In Dublin. Rea’s eloquent and friendly manner matched her pictures and despite my inexperience with her art , I knew she was the right person to spend time with to lift my weariness and isolation. After a few minutes chat to outline her process I suggested a two hour session as recommended on her site.Inspired decision. Her physical beauty but i hardly opened my eyes as Rea explained how visual stimuli lnhibits the process. Just knowing it was her masterful hands working magic was enough to keep me in the moment.An intense and liberating two hours in an atmosphere of intoxicating feminine wisdom. Rea’s gifts led me to a place much deeper than I had expected to go.No orgasm achieved but by trusting Rea, concentrating on my breathing,I found a new sensory level.I honestly cannot describe the intensity of bliss delivered in a wise and loving ambience.On my train home now, Trust this woman and benefit from her beauty and genuis. Rea,it was a privilege to meet you.”

“This was my first time but had to leave a review to give a few more details on top of previous reviews. Rea opened the door and welcomed me in and made me very relaxed straight away in an atmosphere you would expect from a hotel spa. She sat me down and explained all about Tantra massage and the different experiences people have depending on how much they can relax and feel. I took a shower before Rea gave me thee best massage experience I have ever had. It was like I was dreaming but can remember everything, she left my body shaking in pleasure without me actually physically cuming although I would say most people would. I know people will be reading the reviews to find out if it’s a happy ending but it’s way better than a quick tug. If that’s what your after I’d go to the normal ads here.
If you want to feel every part of your body tingle in pleasure and relaxation then see  Rea.”

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